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Propane Grilling Safety Tips

The trees are starting to bud, and people are leaving their jackets at home. That can only mean one thing: It’s grilling season!

Antsy to fire up your favorite charbroiled recipe? While grilling season is all about having fun with loved ones outdoors, it’s essential to take proper safety measures before your first cookout. Outdoor grills have become very popular, and propane grills, in particular, come with their own set of precautions. To start your season off right, brush up on some crucial propane grilling guidelines.


Is my dog senior?

Michael Hayek, Ph.D. Director, Exclusive® Companion Technical Solutions

It’s amazing how true the saying “time flies when you are having fun” can be. Time can fly by with your dog as he progresses from puppyhood through adulthood. During this time, many folks start to ask when will my dog progress from an adult to a senior. The transition from puppy to adult is rather clear. You can see when your puppy has stopped growing and matured to an obedient and well behaved dog. The transition to being a senior is a bit more complicated and can be confusing.


What to know when buying a propane-powered home

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. Between packing, paperwork and more, there are plenty of challenges.

But even if you’re new to propane, having a propane-powered home isn’t a challenge — it’s a benefit.


Reduce Stress with Automated Fuel

Today's agricultural developments make it possible for farmers to guarantee appropriate fuel supply without lifting a finger – a capability that wasn't available a decade ago.

Thanks to advancements in technology, remembering to refill your bulk fuel tank doesn’t need to be stressful. As you enter planting season, consider enrolling in an automated fuel delivery program.


Proactively Prep Your Equipment for Spring Planting

With balmy spring temperatures around the corner, it’s already time to start planning for spring planting. Proactively preparing your equipment is the best method to prevent unnecessary repairs and downtime during the busiest time of the year. Before you head out to the fields, get your equipment ready for action by taking a minute to review the preventive maintenance guide below.


COVID-19 Response Plan


United Cooperative Looks Out For Our Customers

If you’ve ever lost your wallet, you know it’s an experience you never want to repeat — not only because it means you’re out a wad of cash, but also because it means you may have exposed your private credit card information.

These days, keeping your personal data safe involves much more than just looking after your wallet. Criminals have many ways of stealing credit card information from right under your nose – even if you never let your card out of your sight.


Cenex Total Protection Plan: Unsurpassed Coverage for Peace of Mind

For generations, agricultural producers have chosen the superior protection and performance of Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® Premium Diesel Fuel and Cenex lubricants, to ensure their critical equipment is ready when it's needed most. Season after season, they've experienced dependable performance and extended equipment life, plus the peace of mind in knowing their operation's most valuable assets are protected.


Offer to Purchase Contract: Manage Your Fuel Price Risk

When your business is powered by bulk refined fuels, such as farming, construction or trucking, the cost of fuel can make or break profitability. The best fuel prices are negotiated far in advance through fuel contracts. Manage your fuel price risk by starting with an Offer to Purchase contract from United Cooperative. An Offer to Purchase contract helps manage the ups and downs of the fuel market and links your fuel price need directly to the world market.


4 Essential Lubricant Tips for Winterizing Farm Equipment

Harvest is tough. Once you've made it through some of the hardest weeks of the year, both you and your equipment deserve some R&R. But before your rigs take a long winter’s nap, it’s important to get them ready for sitting dormant in the cold.

Even when your equipment isn’t running, lubricants play an essential role in keeping it protected. That’s why, as part of your yearly winterizing routine, you'll want to assess your equipment’s fluids. Use these four lubricant tasks to protect your rigs all the way to spring.


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