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Don't Feed Your Crop to Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles are feeding in corn and soybean fields. Feeding can impact pollination and reduce yield. Adult beetles are approximately 1/2 inch long, have a metallic green head, reddish to bronze wing covers, and six bunches of white bristles along the sides of their abdomen. 

Life Cycle

In late June, adults emerge and begin feeding on corn, soybeans, and other host plants, eventually moving up the plant to further feed and mate. In August and September, mated females eventually move back to grass areas and lay their eggs in the soil. Eggs hatch in the fall, and grubs feed on plant roots until soil temperatures cool. The grubs become active again in the spring when temperatures rise above 50F, continue feeding, and eventually turn into pupae and emerge from the soil as adult beetles. 


Top 10 Tips for Preventing and Reducing Heat Stress


Market Minute 7/2/20

On Tuesday, the USDA came out with the June 30th Grain stocks and acreage report. This report has historically been a market mover, and this year’s report was no different.


Scheduled Delivery System

Get your feed delivered with less face-to-face contact. 


TMR Stabilizer Pays for Itself

TMR Stabilizer can be used to prevent degradation in the feed bunk by stabilizing the pH in forages.


4 Factors Negatively Contributing to Feed Fermentation

Hot summer days have finally made their appearance and with that comes potential for heat stress resulting in decreased milk production in lactating dairy cows, lower feed intakes and lower pregnancy rates. Decreased feed intake can be caused by increased fermentation in our feedstuffs causing growth of molds and yeasts resulting in decreased palatability of TMR once it hits the feed bunk.

There are several factors that contribute to feed fermentation which negatively impact the quality of feed going into the bunk. 


Stock Up On Propane This Summer

Whether you realize it or not, propane powers a lot of summer fun – from propane-powered grills to campfire stoves. But did you know that summer is also historically a great time to check your propane supply and stock up? With propane’s long shelf life, locking in lower prices during the off-season is smart and convenient.


5 Driving Habits People Can't Stand

Have you ever been enjoying the open road only to have another driver come along and do something that really grinds your gears? We’ve all had our fair share of frustrations behind the wheel (and maybe even caused a few ourselves). Sharing the road is a two-way street, and acknowledging some of the most common pain points can help us all be more alert and considerate behind the wheel.


Employee Years of Service

Thank you to the following employees for their services to United Cooperative. 


Credit Reminders

Patronage Distribution
Are you losing money to the IRS? Patronage distribution checks were mailed in May for purchases made in 2019. If your check stub shows an amount in “Federal Withholding Tax” your check is being reduced per IRS regulations because we do not have your Social Security number or Federal Tax ID number on file for your account. Please contact the credit department at 800-924-2991 so future distributions are paid fully to you.


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